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Stonefly fly tying tools

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Stonefly basic tools
Basic tools, u kunt in het dropdown menu het juiste type selectreren. - SF1 dubbing naald € 5.50 -..
Excl. BTW: €4,55
Stonefly RF67 dry fly plate & magnetic clips
Stonefly RF67 dry fly plate & magnetic clips. The metal plate that is attached to the front of a st..
Excl. BTW: €21,90
Stonefly SF15 hairstacker
Stonefly SF15 hairstacker (doorzichtig!!).  ..
Excl. BTW: €8,22
Stonefly SF29 hair trimmer
Stonefly hair trimmer. Neat and even trimming are easy with this device. Razer blade included...
Excl. BTW: €4,75
Stonefly SF46 fly dryer rod turner
Stonefly SF46 fly dryer rod turner Neat battery operated fly dryer is a must for all fly tyers, whe..
Excl. BTW: €38,43
Stonefly sf49 magnifier with light
Stonefly sf49 magnifier.. Vergrootglas met tafelklem. (Wordt geleverd zonder vice)..
Excl. BTW: €61,98
Stonefly SF62N magnifier
Stonefly SF62N magnifier. A Magnifiying Glass With a dual fitting for either vice stem or direct to..
Excl. BTW: €22,73
Stonefly SF66 led day light
Stonefly SF66 led day light. The accessory light fits to the supplied tool bar and is fully adjust..
Excl. BTW: €70,04
Stonefly wooden tool caddy
Stonefly wooden tool caddy. An ideal addition to any fly tying bench, this smart wooden t..
Excl. BTW: €28,93